Juice Cleanse

Living in this insanely fast-paced world, do you ever feel like you are not doing enough to take care of yourself, your body, and your soul? Does the person in the mirror reflect who you want to be? Poor eating habits can have very harmful consequences on your health such as weight gain, increased risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. If you feel bloated and sluggish, dependent on caffeine, have junk food cravings, are breaking out or just want to maintain or make a healthier life style choice, then juice cleansing may be just what you need.

I “consume” therefore I am. Your nutrient intake reflects who you are and how you feel, even when you’re not consciously aware of it. It’s an indisputable fact that each of us want to take care of ourselves in the best possible way. However, time and economic constraints can get in the way of our personal goals, leading to poor health choices. Do you ever wish you could hit a reset button for your body so that you can start fresh? Well now you can give your body a break by doing one of AVO’s juice cleanse options.

The cleanse will eliminate unwanted toxins from your body, give your skin a glow, boost your immune system, and increase energy levels. Mentally, you will feel rejuvenated. Most importantly, the detox will leave you motivated to make healthier life choices after you’ve finished.

What Does Juice Cleansing Do?

  1. Cleanses your body of unwanted toxins
  2. Rebuilds tissues damaged by toxicity
  3. Rehydrates every cell
  4. Nurtures your body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  5. Radiates your skin
  6. Improves sleep
  7. Motivates you to make healthier life choices

How Can I Do a Juice Cleanse?

At AVO Real Food, we dedicate ourselves to empowering your body, mind, and soul through our tasty and nourishing juice cleanses. Choose from two different options: 


AVO 1-Day Cleanse

For those looking for an introduction to the world of juice cleansing, a one-day juice cleanse is a great option. It is an excellent way to give your digestive system a rest, and to help you reset and revitalize your body.

AVO 3-Day Cleanse

For those more familiar with cleansing, this cleanse can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, or put you back on track if you have fallen astray. Your colon with thank you for clearing it of its impurities.


Despite which juice cleanse you choose, everyone needs to follow these three phases in order to successfully complete a juice cleanse program:



Now that you have made the decision to detoxify your body, you must prepare for the upcoming all-liquid diet. The pre-cleanse is important because it affects how you will react to the cleanse. At least 2 days before the juice cleanse, you should cut back the items listed below to reduce headaches, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Processed sugar
  • Coffee and black tea
  • Soda
  • Animal products (red meat, fish, chicken, eggs)
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Fried Foods
  • Alcohol

It’s also important to increase your intake of raw vegetables during the pre-cleanse. Now, ask yourself: are you ready to start your cleansing experience? Mental preparation is another important step. You need strong determination and commitment for this journey, my friend. Ask a friend or significant other to join you in this healthy challenge. It’s nice to have someone going through it with you! Okay, now let’s cleanse.  


Our juice cleanses are meant to be taken periodically throughout the day. We recommend intervals of 2.5-3 hours. Take your first juice upon waking up and your last juice at least 2 hours before bedtime.  

Hydration is important. To remain hydrated drink 8-10 glasses of water along with your juices. You may also opt for herbal teas. Avoid caffeine if you can. Hydration helps your body get rid of all the toxins.  

Rest is also very important during your cleanse. Aim for about 7-8 hours of sleep per day. You may do moderate exercises such as swimming, yoga, walking, jogging, or cycling. These exercises provide oxygen that help circulate blood flow and flushes the lymphatic system.  Avoid intense interval or long training sessions since your energy levels will change. Listen to your body!

We recommend a 100% juice diet to facilitate the cleansing process. Food may slow down the process. However, if you feel you need something to eat, stick to whole fruits and vegetables, or nuts and seeds, such as almonds or chia seeds.


Congratulations! You’ve made it through your juice cleanse! That feeling that comes with treating your body well is so rewarding.

It’s time to slowly introduce solid food into your diet. Start with smaller portions. Meals consisting of mostly raw fruit and vegetables are a great choice. The Extreme Green Smoothie, and one of AVO’s fresh-to-order salads are great options too.

After completing your juice cleanse, we hope you will maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Remember, AVO Real Food is here to help you achieve this goal – that’s why our menu is filled with delicious, nutritional whole foods.

One nutritious choice. We think you’ll find it starts a chain reaction.


We meticulously select our ingredients and carefully prepare them to maximize flavour and nutritional potency.

Our juices are cold pressed, which means that juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables using hydraulic pressure instead of heat. This technique produces nutrient-rich juice that is positively brimming with goodness.